Spa Day!

Kaila, Simone and I arrived at Diana’s bright and early on Saturday for our much anticipated spa day in leu of a traditional bachelorette party.  If you follow me on twitter then you know I was REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!  

This was my first time doing something like this and let me say that it is something I could definitely get used to!  Even better with a group of fun girls.  I had had a sugar scrub and facial at this point.  Lunch was delicious, but a nap before our last treatment would have been really lovely.  With those warm tables in all the treatment rooms it was hard not to drift off.

Diana had been up quite early delivering balloons and our gifts to the spa to dress up the lunch table.  We used the gift wrapping to kind of dress up those boring white robes.  Such ladies!

The whole experience was great.  That staff at Asante Spa was incredibly friendly and it felt genuine… The first attendant talked to me about their “healthy tan application” and I think I might make the trip up in June for Malia’s wedding.  A special treat for myself :)




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