GK Factoids: Part 3 - Weird Wednesday Edition?

The inspiration for today’s factoids came from here.  When Kayla posted about her weird quirk I thought, hey me too!  When I thought about it some more I was like honestly, I have a lot of weird quirks.  Some might be cute and some totally annoying ones.  So today I will share my weirdness with you.

1.  I really like bowls and cups of a particular shape.  I like bowls to be deep.  I like a lot of ice cream, cereal and soup.  None of this shallow shit.  I like cups to be tall and slender. Tumblers are out.  I like them to be exactly the same circumference at the mouth as the base.  I really like pretty plastic cups.  I knew Kaila and I were meant to be roomies when she struggled with purchasing her bowls at her old place and I introduced her to IKEA’s 365+ line.  She agreed they were perfect for her too.

2.  I am really methodical about the way I park.  I will back up and center my car within the lines even if I’m not over the line or crowding another car.  I also straighten out my wheels so they are in line, parallel to the car and the parking space.  People who park like assholes either because they think their car is superior or they’re just dumb really make my blood boil.  On Friday I saw a car get ticketed at the mall for overcrowding another space and I was ridiculously pleased.

3.  I love cheese.  I really don’t love melted cheese.  I’m American so I love pizza, but the sparser the cheese the better.  Gooey, cheesy pizza is gross to me and at times I will pull it off and just eat the bread, sauce and pepperoni.  I think cheese tastes th best when shredded, but by hand.  Not the pre-shredded cheese that you buy in bulk at Sam’s Club.  I have a lot of other weird texture related eating habits, but I won’t bore you with the details.

4.  I like to wear matching pajamas.  Always.  I will hunt through my closet or my laundry basket for more time than I’d like to admit to find a suitable color coordinated outfit.  For lounging or for sleeping. Color coordination makes me happy.  I feel prettier being a bum in a matching outfit.  A pink shirt with Halloween boxer shorts do not.  Alice I know you feel me!

5.  It bugs me if new music gets downloaded onto my iTunes or iPod without the corresponding album artwork.  I have a widget for that specifically because that empty icon for missing artwork bugs the hell out of me.  It even bugs me a teeny bit when other people don’t have the artwork and they don’t care.  What’s the point of the screen and the color if you’re not going to have the album artwork?  Might as well save the money and just get a shuffle.

So I may have just freaked everyone out.  Or annoyed you.  I’m also probably not going to make it on Julie’s Factual Monday, but PLEASE I know you guys all have your things to… So please share.  This is our safe place.  Let us be weirdos together!




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