Our Special Tour of the State Capitol

Not a ton of people know this, FIRL yes, but readers notsomuch.  My Dad works at the State Capitol and for awhile I’ve had a couple friends asking me about going on a private tour with my Dad.  It’s come up in conversation and I forget that not everyone’s dad’s office is here and that the history behind it is cool.

These desks are original.  Can you believe it?!  I guess that makes the Capitol and everything in it vintage.  Hahaha  My Dad showed everyone an old photo in one of the rooms with my Grandfather sitting in one of these very desks.  That’s kind of awesome.

My Grandfather* got my Dad the job at the Capitol after he graduated high school. Other than his brief stint in the grocery business, he’s been there ever since so he makes an EXCELLENT tour guide.  Smoking isn’t allowed inside anymore {obviously}, but on occasion we were told members come out onto this patio for some “air”.

Diana and I asked Mike to pose with Willie Brown’s bronzed head.  It’s kind of ridiculous because how many people can say they have a bronzed statue of themselves while still alive?  Even if it is just from the shoulders up.

It’s really hard to see, but instead of another leaf like all the other corners there is a gargoyle with it’s tongue out and thumbs in it’s ears saying neener neener to everyone below.  I guess the artists had a sense of humor and these weren’t noticed until scaffolding was removed.  I think they add a bit of character.

This up on the dome.  Not the very top, but some were already getting nervous with the great heights.  What you can see is that one dome is tucked inside the other. Something about saving money.  Shocking.  Not.

Look at that view people!  {I’m not giving a thumbs up btw.  It just looks that way.  I would never do something so lame in the light of day.}

SEE.  I’m on top of one dome.  About to make a treacherous climb.  I’m not a girl that’s afraid of heights, but this definitely tested my calm.  I’m glad I put deodorant on today!

Treacherous climb doesn’t even begin to describe this.  That thing was swaying as we all climbed up and down it!  And guess what, there didn’t used to be that wire cage around it?!  Can you image??  

Safely at the top with our tour guide my Dad.  I’m definitely sweating here, but I think everyone would agree that it was worth it!  Thanks Dad!

*How many of you cangoogle yahoo your Grandfather?  Yes?  Well does he have a street named after him?  A park?  Yeah, that’s what I thought. ;)




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