Is There a Perfect Pizza?

Last night our quest to devour every local pie in the greater Sacramento area continued… This time somewhere very close to home, Matteos.  I have to be honest that it doesn’t take much to impress my when it comes to pizza.  I usually gravitate towards three things:

  1. thin crust
  2. not too cheesy
  3. minimal grease

Pools of grease on top of my slice is a complete pizza turnoff.  Deep dish pizza is completely lost on me… see where I’m going with all this?

I went into dinner not expecting much because of the little feedback I had heard, it wasn’t positive.  Although, they do have an interesting way of doing things - menus printed on paper, cheap napkins and a weird painting of a raccoon - I was pleasantly surprised.  I REALLY liked my pizza.  The flavor was great and it met all my criteria.  The server was pleasant, the food came quickly and I even tried something… DIFFERENT.  I unintentionally ordered polenta fries, they came out looking like this, but they were really yummy.  Gold star for this place, I tried something new and I liked it?  Crazy.

{I should also mention that my Mom said the wine list was extensive and quite affordable.}




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