Today, 28 years ago, my most favorite lady was born!  Some of you know my wifey personally and many of you read her name here from time to time.  We have known each other for 9 years and have been BFF for almost as long {we both thought the other was kind of a bitch when we first met. oops!}.  This girl is amazing, patient, giving and I don’t know if I would have survived my mid-twenties without her!

ABCs of Simone

A - Anderson Brother’s Pharmacy.  Where it all began.

B - Bad dancer.  Sorry lady, but I’m no good either.

C - Can’t tear the microphone away from her after a few too many drinks.

D - Dress up.  I never liked dressing up for Halloween before I met you.  Now we dress up all year around!

E - Exercise.  I don’t think either of us has ever been particularly big fans of it, but that didn’t stop us from having a domestic partnership membership at 24hr Fitness in college.

F - Figures anything out.  Like replacing the screen HERSELF in our back screen door. Or the time she had to change my tire when it got slashed!

G - Grass Valley.  You know what I’m talking about.  Thanks for the ride and staying on the phone with me the whole time.

H - Hot chocolate.  You thought that’s what the St. Bernard carried around it’s neck?!

I - I love you.

J - Jetta, the time you were hanging out the sun roof and crawled back in with grease all over your forehead!

K - Keeper of all my things.  What I like to eat, old memories, my social calendar, my spare car key.  She’s like a real life BlackBerry.

L - Lucy Goosey Watoosey.  Best adopted mom to our messy little girl ever.  Treated her like she was your own almost from day one.

M - Making sure I didn’t kiss boys that weren’t my boyfriend.

N - Numbers, the show you used to watch on night’s I worked late.  Waiting for me to get off so the fun could start!

O - Operator - you took a job at the dealership to help out at MY JOB that one summer.  That’s going above and beyond.  I won’t even mention how you almost didn’t pass your drug test… oops! ;)

P - Peppermint schnapps.  ’Nuf said.

Q - Quite the cook! No seriously, she can make you the most delicious meal out of whatever you have in your refrigerator right now. Promise.

R - Reminding me ooooffff… EVERYTHING!

S - Seven 11s.  Driving all over town to different ones to find our favorite slurpees!

T - Third wheel.  You never minded doing everything with me and BK so I could have my two best friends with me all the time.

U - Up for anything.  Baking cupcakes so I could go visit my boyfriend.  Cutting foam coar when I was in the midst of a meltdown in school.  Dressing up like Britney Spears eventhough she wasn’t your favorite.

V - Vomit.  You are such a funny drunk to watch when you’re getting sick and that’s not an easy quality to have.

W - Weight Watchers.  Uumm we helped each other lose our freshman fifteen twenty.

X - X-boyfriends, as if you didn’t know that would go here!  We always cheer each other up with presents, new books, trips to the city etc :)

Y - Yardwork.  We’ve been known to wear Uggs and booty shorts while gardening.  Mostly in the backyard.

Z - Zodiac sign, Taurus. If today is your birthday: You can be a little more temperamental and impatient this year, which can lead to disagreements with others. However, you are also more intellectually stimulated during this period of your life, and projects that require concentration and focus will be especially rewarding. Also, social and romantic relationships are likely to be quite satisfying during this period of your life.




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