Please, please, please be a peach and vote for my super amazing esthetician!

Anytime you guys ask for my help I am all over it.  Now I would LOVE to cash in and get your help so if you could reblog this, tweet it, digg it or WHATEV for Kim I’d so appreciate it.  She’s awesome and has been doing my brows since high school.  I mean seriously, how many of you have committed to anyone in your beauty regimen for 10+ years?  She’s doggie friendly.  She keeps mints, tea and other various snacks around.  She fits you in last minute when you have a hot date and you need those special areas addressed. {Not that I would know firsthand.} She just had the cutest son Cooper too and wouldn’t it be nice if one day she could tell him, Mommy was on KCRA’s A-List?

It would really mean a lot to me if you could just take a quick second, type in your spammer email, confirm and VOTE!




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