When Alice first met me and my wifey Simone she and her bestie Lindsey weren’t sure if they liked us.  That was fine by me because I wasn’t sure I could hang out with a girl who worked out ALL THE TIME!  {Seriously Alice, it was appalling.} She would come to these softball games with carrot sticks and shit.  Meanwhile, I’m hittin up the snack bar every 30 minutes and mowing down on Air Heads!

I’m pretty sure Lindsey broke first and realized how awesome I am and then Alice didn’t want to get left in the dust…  Although for awhile Alice was still too cool to come to our pool parties or concert in the park.  I guess she’s slow on the uptake.  JK!

Now she dresses in character for all our ridiculous parties.  Whether it’s disco bunnies or retro homecoming. 

Some of my favorite things about Alice is that:

  • this girl can appreciate dressing up.  Even for the smallest occasion.
  • she color coordinates her pajamas just like me.
  • we can always discuss the lastest gadgets in the bathroom cleaning products!
  • she appreciates her sweets.  A girl after my own heart.
  • I always get the royal treatment when I stay over.  I even have my own room!
  • she totally gets blogging ;) and waited months for the perfect name.
  • Oscar gets spoiled too - he has his own food dishes at her house.
  • she cares about the way her hair looks almost as much as I do.

Alice - I’m glad you took the day off and treated yourself right!  You are a total rockstar!  I can’t wait to celebrate with you on Saturday!!




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