Ridin’ Solo - Jason Derulo

This was kind of our theme song last weekend in San Francisco and after seeing a high school friend’s mom she further solidified this for me.  We were discussing the latest and I brought up how I’m in a pretty different place right now in the love department than most of my friends and like so many people say to me, she encouraged me to enjoy this time.  No one is riding shot gun.  I make all my own decisions with no one to report to.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some big sobfest about being single… It’s actually quite the opposite.  I really do embrace being single after all these years.  People have been quick to point out that I don’t like being told what to do and it’s kind of true.  Now I go out when I want, where I want.  When I want to sit at home and watch The Bachelorette while eating ice cream straight from the carton - well there is no one there to tell me to use a bowl!  (Kaila never tells me to use a bowl ♥ her)

There are the times too where I’m grateful for my single status.  When a girl friend is bitching about her man.  He did this or that and yes HE’S the asshole ;) No more draining fights these days for me (Oscar doesn’t really talk back). I remember those times for myself and for friends when you can’t reach the guy you’re dating and you damn well know it only takes a second to send a text! You’re on the fence between caring and being pissed.  Whether or not you’re going overboard with an angry text, something that thanks to technology is there in his phone for as long as he keeps it. And honestly, if he’s unreachable it’s probably because he’s up to no good you know? (Maybe I shouldn’t have watched The Good Guy last night. Haha) In these situations I feel like the single girls - just for a minute or two - have a leg up on the rest of the ladies.

Seriously, single ladies, listen to this song and join me for a quick little boppin’ around in your office.  Fuck Happy Monday!




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