Caramel Apple Making Party!

With both my roommate and best friend working at the same place for over a year I’ve been able to meet many of their coworkers.  Often, I’m even included in their email invite for after work happy hour - that’s love!

On Sunday, a coworker of Simone’s had a group of girls over for a caramel apple decorating party.  Kind of like a gingerbread house party, but with a face-lift.  I’d way rather eat caramel apples then gingerbread anyways.  Yuck!

Simone was brave and offered to try first.

It was fun watching everyone test different methods and different toppers.  It’s not as easy as it looks. Simply dunking the apple in the caramel giver it waaaay too much and then you’re apple gets kind of lumpy.  It seemed the best route was lots of crock-pots and to work FAST.

I love sprinkles.  I could have done all of mine in sprinkles.  You can never have enough sprinkles :)

The task of getting caramel and apple united was the biggest struggle.  Ashley had seen them do it at Apple Hill and they made it look so easy!

Toppings!!  We had M&Ms, Reeses Pieces, nuts, marshmallows, coconut flakes, sprinkles and graham cracker crumbs.

Everyone made some really creative caramel apples.

Our fabulous hostess!!




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