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I’ve been reading like a fiend lately.  Almost one book a week so I haven’t been sharing with you guys or updating my Goodreads account!

Quick Update:

  • Best Friends Forever Not my favorite of hers and not quite the beach read I was looking for.  I still enjoyed it and anyone whose ever outgrown friends, but didn’t really understand why can probably relate.
  • Summer Blowout One of those books that sat on my shelf forever because I was completely judging the cover.  Turned out to be a really fun, quick read.  For makeup lovers - MUST READ!
  • The Fixer Upper I was actually pretty disappointed with this book.  I really liked her other books because of the southern charm.  This was lacking in that way and incredibly predictable!
  • Tell Me Lies This was a bit of a murder mystery. Not what I was expecting at all!  I read through this fast because I wanted to tie up all the crazy loose ends.
  • Crazy for You Great for anyone whose in a rut or has been there.  The main character decides to break out of her box and it makes you say, hey! I can do that too.
  • French By Heart: An American Family’s Adventures in La Belle France Not my usual beach read, but I still enjoyed it.  It was very interesting to learn about life in France through the perspective of American woman.

Is there anything you have recently read that I should add to my list??





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