Ladies, ladies, ladies! How often does your man, or the men you date wear cologne? Do you often hug a friend’s boyf/husb or guy friend, and when they are wearing something delicious maybe hug just a little longer? Do you walk by the cologne department and maybe spray a little on your own wrist (hey you gotta get it somewhere)? Do quiver with delight when you do get to inhale all that is masculine, sexy and insatiable about a man who IS wearing cologne? Then get in line. So many of my friends, girl co-workers, girls with an appetite for love have agreed - Why don’t men wear cologne? Don’t they know if they do, they all of a sudden can swagger, save lives and do unheard things to us? That may have been exaggerated, well, for some. This is my first attempt to start a Cologne Campaign.

Cologne makes all the girls come to the yard. Get it? Hope so.

Haha! YES! I’d like to be Vice President of the cologne campaign because men wearing cologne should be a must. I don’t care if it’s freaking Axe body spray! Please tell me why do so many men go without?

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