It's Christmas card time again! {Check for a freebie below!}

Ever since we were babies my parents have sent out the annual Christmas card of their girl(s). I say girls in parentheses because obviously for three glorious years I was the star of this show, but eventually those other two came along to steal my spotlight! Honestly though, today I can’t imagine going it alone. We have so much fun picking a theme, where to go and all kinds of silly poses.

Somewhere in the last few years I’ve kind of put myself in charge of getting our cards ordered. Fine by me! Last year I shared with you some different choices that I was mulling over. There are so many photo companies to choose from and it made for a tough choice. I was on the fence between traditional or modern. Flat card or folded. Eventually I found our perfect card at Shutterfly because they had cute designs AND they were affordable. They had the best price so with the money I saved I just had to get the matching address labels. I guess no money was “saved” after all. Haha :)

Now in case you hadn’t heard, Shutterfly is offering an amazing promotion for all of us bloggers. For those of you who don’t have an awesome Mom like mine to send you emails that keep you on the cutting edge, well there is always twitter. For me it wasn’t hard, Shutterfly is already a great product and BONUS - 50 free cards! Now there will definitely be room in my budget for the calendar I wanted to make my girlfriends who dressed up with me for Halloween and send out real birthday invitations instead of an online invite. Even if all of you aren’t sharing your birthday with these crazy holidays like I am, you should check out Shutterfly for whatever your holiday cardsneeds might be. I might finally send out a photo Valentine’s Day card this year! ♥

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Shutterfly. All opinions are 100% my own.




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