My Weekend According to My iPhone

Baking tons and tons of mini cupcakes on Thursday night for my close friend Teresa’s boyfriend’s birthday party.  Got that?  I’m sad I never counted, but I probably made around 140 of them.  It was great to have such good help! Thanks T. :)

Trying on bridesmaid dresses Friday morning.  I posted some pics from my phone, but this was one of my picks.  I didn’t think I would love a one shouldered dress so much!

The pretty bride-to-be!

With my date at Friday night’s giant birthday bash.

This picture in front of the bathroom just makes me laugh.  I didn’t take any decent photos at Friday night’s party.

At Saturday’s engagement party for my WIfey!  The future bride and her bridesmaids!

Simone in the middle being man handled by her sister and her adopted family.  We’ve been friends for 9 years and since Simone is from out of town my family sort of became her family :)

This was quite the busy weekend for me!  Thank goodness I only have to work 3 days this week.  Hope you all had a great time whether it was go, go, go or one of those restful weekends at home. 




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