My Unbirthday: SF Edition

My actual birthday is this Wednesday, but in our family we were raised to make it more than just a one day celebration.  The goal is to spread it out for as long as possible. It’s what we call ‘Meme Month’ because it’s all about me, me, me!  In the month of December, competing with all the other holiday festivities is no easy task, but I’m up for the challenge!

Seeing these photos makes me glad I had my parents snap a few before we left.  There were even more taken and we just couldn’t quite get our shit together!

Kendall and Tram were fantastic hostesses this weekend.  My dreams for lime jell-o shots WITH salt came true!  There were banners and balloons and pizza OH MY!


No evening in San Francisco is complete without a trip to American Cupcake and their photo booth.  We squeezed 7 people in to that tiny booth!!  I’ll have to scan them tomorrow, but who knew so much joy could come from $5?  Haha

And of course, looking haggard and happy the following morning at brunch.  We ate a place called Polker’s and other than the disgusting bloody mary, I think everyone walked away STUFFED.




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