{Christmas Cheer 2010}

My sister flew in on Christmas Eve night from Seattle.  Since she was a couple days late I immediately got to open my birthday present!  It was this amazing painting of Oscar! He was absolutely fascinated by his image.  He probably gets that from his mama.  :)

What’s a little family togetherness without tormenting the dog?

Before Santa could come I made my sister watch the 11 minute youtube video of the best of Barney Stinson.  After Thanksgiving she needs to start shouting things during regular conversation like, “LEGENDARY”, “challenge accepted” or “suit up”!

Our beautiful tree!

I think this is what happens when there are no babies in the family.  We’re teetering on the brink of becoming crazy dog people.

Christmas dinner with our family from Chico.

The following day Kaila joined my family out in Orangevale for our traditional holiday meal with our second family, The Andersons.  We grew up with these four boys and we’re very closely matched in age.  When we were younger we spent many holidays together and the time in between.  Now that we’re grown, this time at Christmas is always special.


…aaaaand now I could nap for a week!




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