Puppy Love

Hi pretty people, I had the pleasure of watching the little furball in front on Saturday.  I wanted to share some of the photos I took because no one needs to see all 28 of them…

Moses is a naughty boy who still marks so Mr. Goddard doesn’t let him come play very often.  While he was helping family move heavy items and make a trip to the dump I had the rare opportunity to spend time with the funny boy.  Since I don’t have a yard I thought the perfect place to go would be my parents so everyone could run, play and get acquainted.

It’s safe to say it was a LOVE fest!  A friend’s schnauzer Baxter, has a love/hate relationship with my Oscar and that started the big game of chase.  At five pounds, Moses was doing a great job of keeping up with the big medium boys.

These two passed out the minute they got in the car and slept with me on the couch for almost two hours!  I know Moses will be asking his daddy to come back again :)




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