{Let's Get to Work}

A few weeks ago I tried to “keep it real” with all of you and share some of the not so happy and shiny things going on in my life.  My mother and her friend read it and thought I was depressed.  I mean, SERIOUSLY?  Although I imagine it would be hard to tell. I already have ice cream and a bottle of wine for dinner on the regular, it would be difficult to tell when exactly I was drowning my sorrows… I figured it was time for an update on one of those bullet points.  I know some of you have been quite curious about what is going on at work.

For one, it’s still far from stellar, but looking up.  I’m entangled in a tug-o-war right now with my GM.   I’m trying to convince the powers that be about the importance of social media. This is like trying to show your dad how to use predictive text on his flip phone or your grandparents how to use their navigation system.  Phones are for making phone calls, not typing “emails”.  Gramps has a map, that was always good enough, why do I need this? As I’m sure you can imagine it’s somewhat of an uphill battle. {If you have suggestions, feel free to send them my way.}

I’ve never been much of a go-getter at work (much to the disgust of my type-A sister), preferring instead to fly below the radar as much as possible. Following up a conference in Las Vegas, our management team is fired up again about “The Facebook” and “Tweeter”.  They’ve dangled the carrot out in front of my face and I want this new job to be MINE.  I don’t even recognize myself!  Seriously, I’ve been continuing work at home, doing all kinds of research and I even typed up the most pertinent information on letterhead. In the past the only thing I’ve printed at work are recipes and the bi-monthly timecards.

Last Friday, after sitting down with the GM, I was able to hold an information meeting with the five department managers.  I was the only girl and I held my own!  People were asking questions that I was able to answer, I was interjecting and adding my feedback. A normal day in the life for most of you, but it was genuinely thrilling for me. Unfortunately, nothing has been made official yet, but I’m doing my best to hold my ground.  Again, if you could all keep up with the positive juju and send it my way. If I haven’t said it yet, I SO APPRECIATE IT!

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