{Meeting the Parents}

The reason they made all those Focker movies is because this sh*t is stressful!  We all know what it’s like, you’re nervous, he’s nervous… You keep asking yourself, do they like him?  The drive home is like a sigh of relief because it’s over.  You just have to get that first time over with and then you can all move forward. Last night, Mr. Goddard was thrown in to the deep end of my family.  I, of course wouldn’t choose just an ordinary night to have dinner.  That’s not really my style so instead he got to join us in celebration of my Dad’s birthday with eight of our friends.  Sink or swim honey.

I’ll be honest and let you in that on a little secret.  Last night was not actually his first time meeting my parents.  It’s kind of a funny story, but he met my parents for the first time on what was technically our second date.  This hussy took off to LA on a whim with this new boy.  I was in SF at the time so my Wifey drove my car back home, but we’d left her car at my parents the previous day.  I won’t bore you with the juicy details, but when Mr. Goddard and I got back in to town the following day, I needed my car. That meant risking the chance of introducing him to my parents.  A whole four days after our first date.

Is there really any “right” time to make the introductions?  Some of you would probably argue never.  Is there a method you swear by?  I’d recommend having plenty of wine available.  As I think back to when my parents met BK or MexEx, I think both were under the guise of “just friends”.  Now almost ten years later, with the help of this blog, there aren’t many secrets being kept from my parents.  I am 28 after all, but last night I still felt like I was 17.  I hope that eventually they will like him as much as my friends have come to embrace him.  Only time will tell, but my first text this morning was from my Mom and read, “was he traumatized?”.

We’re a tough crowd.




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