{My Weekend}

Friday: I went to my first ever Stella & Dot party!  Hosted by a coworker of Mr. Goddard’s, there were a lot of treasures I wanted to take home.  Normally these kinds of parties are so tedious because 1) I’ve already been - been there, done that or 2) the stuff is garbage or 3) you love it, but it’s totally outrageous. None of the above.  I even picked out a gift for my Mama, but since she reads this blog I won’t be able to share. If you’re interested in checking out the goodies, click the link here

Saturday: I spent time with Miss Diana up in EDH. We had a delcious brunch of waffles, strawberries and homemade whip cream WITH the necessary mimosas!  We then churned out all my invites for Wifey’s upcoming bridal shower.  I didn’t realize how something so simple would end up taking so much time!  Thank you Diana for helping!

On Saturday evening Mr. G and I took his niece to the movies.  I’m already loving her because when I asked him to take a picture of me in front of this movie stand she jumped right in and told me later, “I love to be the attention”.  I think we have a lot in common ;)

Aaaaand since I’m not the mom, why NOT come home and eat double stuffed oreos with mint whipped cream and cherries?? I should mention that it was also 10:30 at night.  I’m sure her mother really appreciated this.  Especially the box of suckers I sent her home with.

Sunday: Made it out of the house and out of my snuggly bed to check out the asparagus festival in Stockton.  I’ve been friends with the 209ers for about four years now, but this was my first time at the their infamous festival!

The thing I want to try the most while visiting was of course sold out!  I guess asparagus ice cream must be that good.  Instead I had the asparagus pasta, but there wasn’t nearly enough asparagus for me.  Next year, I’m saving myself for the deep fried asparagus.




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