Happy Birthday to My Wifey!

The first thing I really loved about Simone was…


I actually thought she was kind of a bitch and the feeling was mutual.  For almost the first year of us knowing each other we kept to our sides of the pharmacy we worked at. Only interacting when necessary because of our mutually liked coworker, Stevie.  Then Stevie left and we were stuck with each other because we weren’t left with a whole lot of other options.  We were surrounded by people old enough to be our grandparents!  The rest is history as they say…

The first thing I actually remember liking about Simone was her strength and I’m not speaking metaphorically.  I watched her move her roommates treadmill across a room. Obviously I was impressed, me with my weak upper body strength. That was only the beginning of the ways she makes up for what I lack. That’s what makes this a beautiful friendship.  In college she always had enough money in her bank to cover both our rents until I got paid.  She still has more money in her bank account than I ever do. She can save.  Whereas I was born without that gene.  She can drive a stick.  I can’t.

We’ve taught each other a thing or two.  Simone was a bit of a pushover when we met (another thing I liked about her), but I created my own monster.  Today, she’s better at speaking up or at least telling me to shut up.  Ask her about our one camping trip. NEVER AGAIN.  But hey! We learned that camping is not an activity for us.. or me really. In college, we didn’t just learn that we’re not meant to take classes together.  We also learned that Tokyo teas are not our friend.  Unless you want to end the night really early.

We persevered through ten years of friendship.  Lost our way a time or two.. Using the last of my soy sauce was almost a deal breaker, but this year I will fulfilling the ultimate BFF role as I stand by her side in her wedding!  I don’t know how next year will possibly be topped.





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