The BEST Part of Being an MOH

Is the cake tasting!

Last Thursday I went with my bestie and one of the groomsmen from the bridal party to the relatively new, Trey B Cakes in Midtown.   Open since March and located in the prime location on L street between 18th and 19th, Trey B Cakes seems to be starting off on the right foot.  I've heard many people talking and so far it's all been good.  Sacramento can be a tough crowd, not impressed easily!  Up until last week, the only thing I had a chance to try was their own version of Muddy Buddies.  Yum!

The gentleman helping us gave superior service.  Quickly greeted us and after explaining that we were waiting on one, suggested we have a seat and offered to bring us water or coffee.  He never hovered, but showed up at just the right moments when we had questions or needed milk.  Yes, milk.  You'll need it if you try the chocolate cupcake.  The frosting is a dense as fudge, but for the chocolate lover in our group - he loved it!

It saddens me to say, but I think that Simone has found her bakery for the wedding.  That means no more cake tasting for me, but I think she's found a great match.  Nothing but accommodating AND great tasting cakes!  If you're in the area and looking for a recommendation, I strongly suggest their Strawberry Shortcake cupcake.  TO DIE FOR!




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