Wedding Season Continues...

Simone, Mr. Goddard and myself attended the lovely wedding of Brad and Alice on Friday afternoon.  We went to a beautiful church in Downtown Stockton for a full Catholic ceremony!  I was sitting between the atheist and the former Mormon who were looking to me for guidance.  When to sit down, when to stand up... All those "and also with you"s.  I had to admit, 10 years after Catholic high school, I'm a little out of practice! Despite our lack of religion a good time was had by all!  I think Alice and Brad should be pleased they threw such a fun wedding!  Even our table-mates were fun and I do NOT say that often.  Most times if you don't know your entire table I find it awkward, but then again I'm awful at small talk.  John and I were chatting up a couple across from us in particular. When I asked how they'd met, in unison they told us, "we're cops".  After much chatting and one spilled glass of red wine later it looks like we may get to do a ride along with the husband.  I know you all can't wait to see a post on my experience with the law ;)  It's not every day you're on the RIGHT side of the law.

There's only one more wedding left now and I have to say as impartial as I may be, we've saved the best for last!  I can't wait to rock my daisy yellow dress in September Simone!




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