Being a "WE"

I've realized that being part of a couple means constant couple activities.  Dinner dates, games nights etc.  The kind of stuff that single either envy or totally gag over.  I actually didn't just realize it, but I'm actually being reminded of it.  It had been a number of years since I'd participated in these kinds of activities.  Although the Klearys have always been one of my favorite couples to hang out with - even as a single gal! Saturday night (our 3rd dinner date in a row!) Mr. Goddard and I took El Dorado Hills by storm.  EDH could easily be the next Real Housewives of...  We dinner in the Towne Center at 33rd Street Bistro and every woman there easily had 20 years on me while I probably had 50 pounds on them.  It was a little crazy!!  We also look a little crazed in this photo as well.

Our second destination, The Purple Place, had a live band, but I was more than a little bummed that we couldn't play shuffle board!  I didn't get to go bowling and I didn't get to play shuffle board.  I did however get to eat pizza at two different places (this is why you're chub) and I guess it's good to save something for next time!




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