First Stop: San Francisco, Then On to San Diego!

This weekend the bride and her party headed to San Francisco for the bachelorette!  We started out Friday in Redwood City with pedicures, a pinata and some 'Colors of the Wind' karaoke.  Saturday morning we took the party into the city, toasting mimosas on the bullet train along the way!

We made our usual first stop at American Cupcake, which if you're ever in San Francisco I highly recommend stopping by.  They serve beer, cupcakes, cotton candy AND they have a photo booth!  What's not to love?!

After 48 hours in MOH mode I flew off to sunny San Diego to join Mr. Goddard and his coworkers.  He'd been telling me for months that I should come to San Diego while he was there for work.  I haven't been since I was a small child so I figured why not take a couple more days off :)

I had begged Mr. G and his boss for months to spin the wheel at the trade show.  They thought I was joking, but I put on the glittery gold shirt and I worked that prize wheel like I was Vanna freaking White!  I had a lot of fun because when you don't have to work the work doesn't really feel like work.  Plus, I wasn't on the clock so I had as much beer, tequila, sliders, froyo and mexican cheetos as I wanted!!

I was also able to try TWO different cupcake places in the short time I was there!  Here I am with some of Mr. Goddard's coworkers at Heavenly Cupcake.  Don't be mislead by their name though... Not so heavenly, but I'll share more later in my Cupcake Inspection post.

End of our last day!  We had just broken down the booth and if you can't tell we're both hot, tired and ready to go home.  We'd both been going nonstop for 5+ days in preparation for the bachelorette and the his work in San Diego.  I'm STILL tired, but happy I went!




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