And We Cater.

My mom has owned a catering business since I was in third grade.  Over the years I have worked countless jobs to subsidize the fun things in my life.  You may think it's a glamorous job, but I think the pictures above prove otherwise.  Kidding..kidding.. I had to change in the men's restroom because the women's was locked! Working a catering job with my family is like a rite of passage with the Lanes.  You have to be pretty well liked to even be asked to join the manual labor fun, but you've also got to prove yourself.  They may be desperate at times for workers, but if you're no good - you won't be asked back.  So this was kind of a big step in mine and Mr. Goddard's relationship.  I think baby did good.

Last Saturday we were up at a beautiful lake near Grass Valley for a wedding.  Somewhat unusual about this job was that there was NO silverware.  The food was entirely finger food.  Cute idea in theory with a sweets buffets, sliders, chips and dip, but I wouldn't recommend it.  The guests were acting like ravaged animals and we could not get everything to bite size and out fast enough!

This is what happens behind the scenes.  A real life look at what is happening at your catered parties.  There's fighting, crying, cleaning, drinking, eating, sitting around, but mostly there's merriment.  And hopefully Mr. Goddard will be invited back!




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