The Big Reveal

On Monday night I sat in my stylist's chair while we discussed this photo of Jessica Biel.  I had been "threatening" to family and friends for awhile that I wanted to go darker for the winter and to avoid some of the upkeep that blonde involves.  Last month I decided on JB, way darker than I'd originally was thinking.  I kept that discussion to myself, deciding to go for a shocking effect.  I haven't been a brunette in 3+ years!

Photo 397
Photo 397

The video up top is a terrible iPhone capture of Mr. G seeing my new color last night for the first time.  I kept that secret from him for a WHOLE 24hrs.  I was dying to show him and like the smart boy he is - still thinks I look beautiful.  Kelsey if you're reading this, he said if he didn't like it he would have Facebook messaged you, demanding you change it back.  Haha!

***Oh and while I have your attention.. Check back this week.  I should be doing a giveaway from Shutterfly.  Christmas is coming and you know you want to try and get your cards out before Christmas this year!***




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