A Little Known Secret

While most of you can hardly stop talking about the feast you're about to (over)indulge in two days, I am just counting the hours until it's over and we can really get down to Christmas. (And my birthday) The secret though, is that I really don't like anything about Thanksgiving.  Actually, I like having the day off, spending time with my family, crafting and the run for Jesus (don't ask).  What I don't like is the meal itself.  Please, don't unfollow me or stop reading immediately.  I'm a picky eater and it's not my fault!  I just don't like turkey no matter how it's cooked.  Trust me, smoked, roasted - whatever - still not yummy.  And mashed potatoes, they've got nothin' on a baked potato with it's sour scream, bacon and Lawry's salt.  I won't get into the rest, but since we're friends I thought I needed to be honest with you about my ugly secret.  I, Kyle Lane, do not love Thanksgiving dinner.  There, I said it.  Now let's move on... TO CHRISTMAS!

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