My Weekend According To My iPhone: Christmas Edition

It's so hard to be back at work today, especially when I know there are some other lucky bitches (and dudes) who are off until after the new year.  Here I am though, back at the dealership - hoping for a crazy busy week!  Last year we sold 54 cars this week before New Years so I'm hopeful :) I'm also hopeful that everyone was able to have a wonderful weekend with their family and friends.  I definitely did, the three days just flew by!  We joined for the first time, family friends of ours for their annual build your own calzone Christmas Eve dinner.  It was so freaking delicious!  Perfect for the picky eater ;) And Mr. Goddard joined my family for all the holiday festivities - kind of a first for the Lane family.  I think he scored some great gifts and gave great gifts as well!  I unwrapped a brand new iPad in front of my whole family, completely shocking the hell out of me!

So I was totally spoiled by all my loved ones, but what about you?  How was your Christmas and what was your best gift?!




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