Happy {Official} Anniversary Mr. G!

When people ask Mr. G and I, we generally tell people that we've been together a year and a half.  That's kind of true.  We've known each other since July of 2010.  4th of July actually and the man shushed me!  I was not impressed.  This is not one of those love stories where it was love at first site.  It was more like one of those cliche romantic comedies where the two main characters spar, hating each other, while it's completely obvious to the audience that they loooove each other.  Well we got it right... eventually. And now, today, we OFFICIALLY celebrate our one year together.  The proof is right in the oh so romantic screen shot above.  He'd started casually dropping the word "girlfriend" here and there in the two weeks leading up to this day.  You know women though, how we analyze and obsess...  I wanted to be asked to be his girlfriend.  You know, something like, "you're so wonderful, I don't want another man to kiss those lips".  Okay not really, but I needed some clarity!  Were we?  Weren't we?  I did what any girl would do - I chickened out and sent a wimpy text message instead.  The rest is history!

I can hardly believe that we've been an item for such a short amount a time.  Not that a year is short, but in the grand scheme of things it's a blip on the radar.  It feels like anything but.  Mr. Goddard has become such a staple in my life, that I'd hate to imagine it without him.  He's taken up a permanent place in my heart.  I'll tell you ladies, he's one of the great ones.  There's been all the meals with our families, late nights drinking wine with my friends, countless movie dates, tons of hugs and kisses, wonderful and unexpected gifts.. I'm a lucky, lucky girl!