Blogger's Block

I used to never really understand when bloggers would talk about writer's block or being in a blog rut.  I thought that would never be me, I have tons of stuff to talk about!  Well that must have been in that blissful first year when no one knew about my blog and I spoke freely to strangers about whatever popped into my head.  Now, despite how hard I try, my writing is curbed by the thought of what family and friends would think if they read this.  Isn't that such a bummer?  So now I feel as though I've run out of "appropriate" things to talk about.  How much can one girl talk about cupcakes? I mean you can't rip on people in an open forum like this unless you're Chelsea Handler or you're ripping on some celebrity because who doesn't do that?  I mean Blue Ivy, what kind of f*cking name is that anyways?!  But what else is considered safe? Your roommates? No.  Work? Maybe, but then I can just see me getting outed by some bastard and then I'm fired...  What about sex? Hell no!  Ummm I can't even type the things I'm thinking in a generalized way without getting nervous, but trust me - my hair IS so big because it's full of secrets.  {Mean Girls?  Anyone?}

Help me out guys!  Have you ever been in this spot?  Where do I go from here?  I'll never be a fashionista so I can't post outfits.  I don't travel so I won't be posting about exotic venues I'm staying at.  Usually when I craft, I'm so in the zone that I never remember to take pictures.  People love my hair, but how could I translate that into a daily blog?  I need to think about my next move in growing my blog, but I'm getting no where without a glass of wine.  In the meantime, if you have any advice I would love for you to share.




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