A New Motto

Don't get the wrong idea here... I'm not saying go out and be an *sshole all day and take, take, take.  It's a whole other kind of message I'm trying to share.  This actually stemmed from a conversation the roomie and I had several weeks ago.  It was a conversation about life, the pains we felt from getting older and the pressures she felt.  Kaila and I can be similar in a lot of ways, but there are also big differences too.  I was trying to explain to her that she needed to do what was right for herself.  She's single so she essentially has only herself to worry about and so I think she should make herself the number one priority.  Obviously not at the expense of others, but I wanted to remind her that she should put herself first and do what's best for her - be selfish. As little kids were taught not to be selfish and that's a good thing.  Share your toys with your sister, bring snacks for your whole class etc.  I'm referring to a different kind of selfish because we're also taught not to hurt others feelings.  Should that be at the expense of your own feelings?  I don't believe that we should bend over backwards to appease others.  Be selfish.  If you want to ask a friend for a favor then do it.  If  know you would do the same in return for another then that's not selfish.  That is not a burden.

So that is what this image about.  It's just about doing what's best for you.  Do what you want to make yourself happy.  If you're a good person and a good friend, being selfish now and again is not a bad thing.  You only have one life so you should do whatever you can to live it to your fullest.




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