And My Buns, They Don't Feel Nuthin' Like Steel

It's true, my buns don't feel anything like steel.  I am however down a whole 7 pounds!  A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  Even better, I didn't follow the diet that closely over the weekend, just my overall portions and I'm still down.  Mr. G and I even went out to eat for lunch!  It makes me feel like in two weeks when this fitness challenge is over - I could maybe make this thing work.  Turn this "diet" (naughty word) into a lifestyle.  A lifestyle without egg whites though.  Bleck! Last night, after a week of moaning, I had my first spin class.  It was dreadful, but according to Mr. Goddard it was a "baby" spin class.  Well I'm a baby and buns are sore from bouncing around on the most uncomfortable seat!  It's safe to say that my spin career is already over.  One more class next week and then I'm done forever.  I'm not going to let any of you make me feel guilty about it either.  I tried something new so good for me.  I also tried yoga again a few weeks ago - something I was totally against - and it turns out I kinda like it.  I love it in comparison to spin, but tonight is conditioning.  We'll see what I hate the least after tonight's suffering.

So for those of you keeping score at home... I'm still not an exercise enthusiast, but I am trying something new, supporting my boyfriend and 7 pounds lighter.  Overall I guess I'm #winning.




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