These Thighs Are Made of Ice Cream

I have good news and I have bad news.  The good news - this ice cream may be the third best thing to ever happen to the freezer section.  Right after pizza and mint chip ice cream.  This sh*t is DA BOMB!  And yes, it warrants me acting like my 90's junior high self.  The bad news?  As a result of my weak self control this made it's way home to my house twice last week!  That's right, Mr. G and I put down a whole carton in two days and then I bought another Saturday night.  As a result, my visit with the scale this morning was not what it was last week. I'm down a skosh, only .6 pounds to be exact. Was it worth it you ask?  Maybe.  At the moment, it was like a party in my mouth.  Although 6 days in the gym was not.  I'm starting to get this whole calories eaten vs. calories burned situation.  If I hadn't been at the gym this weekend and just stuffed by face with obscene amounts of ice cream then I probably wouldn't have seen any positive results this morning.  So if I learned anything years ago during my relationship with WW (Weight Watchers for you naturally skinny people out there), it's not to beat yourself up and to push on.  This is the final week of the fitness challenge and I'd like to not embarrass myself next Tuesday in front of the BF or the trainer.  Send me positive thoughts because I'll need it.

To be continued...




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