{Feel Good Friday} What Makes You Beautiful

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What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

It's been a much discussed topic of conversation amongst some of my girl friends about the loss of the Boy Band.  I'm showing my age here, but I spent the early years of elementary school listening to New Kids On The Block.  NOT NKOTB.  Then in high school you were either Team N'SYNC or Team Backstreet Boys or a small portion of us out there were Team 98 Degrees!  I publicly claimed Backstreet Boys, but how could you resist Nick Lachey?  Since then there hasn't been much to look at on the Boy Band front.  Sure, everyone had Beiber Fever a couple years ago and maybe still do, but you really need a group.  That way you and your friends can carefully select which gentleman you'd life to date and who is totally not cute.

Well have no fear my friends!  You can find new hope in One Direction!  Fresh off the boat these fresh faced boys are brought to you by the United Kingdom.  Even better, these boys are all of legal age so picking one as your future husband is totally not weird or creepy.  Take a listen while you practice making out with your hand. ;) Ha!  Kidding!  No one ever really does that, right?




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