Happy 57th Birthday Dad!

Happy birthday to my wonderful Dad!  He's turning 57 years young today!  The part of me that is much like him is my creative side.  He has a huge love of photography and has since long before I came around.  He's to thank for a lot of my photos of here.  I may not have a photographers eye, but I'm grateful for what did rub off on me!  He also gave me that part of me that would rather jump off a bridge then hassle with the bank or AT&T or SMUD when it comes to any problems that could arise.  I also think I may have gotten my amazing hair from my Dad, his has lots of body unlike my mother's so I should thank him for that too.  My Dad has always been the father that my friends will sit back and say, he is so nice and he is just one of the nicest, sweetest and most generous guys you could meet.  Often forgetful, but always thinking of his girls.

My poor Dad is heading to the bay area today for work, but I hope he's able to enjoy his day nonetheless.  I believe in NOT working on your birthday and that every place of business should automatically grant that day off to their employees.  Unfortunately few have embraced this idea so I guess we'll be celebrating come this weekend.  Did I mention I also get my sweet tooth from him?  You can bet there will be LOTS of treats on Saturday night!

[Correction: My Dad's hair is "thin and straight".  My Mom thinks I got it from my Uncle Al and my Aunt Rita.]




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