The Good + The Bad

Usually when someone asks me if I want the good news or the bad news first, I always pick bad news first because I hope to end on a higher note.  And maybe the impending good news will help me through the bad.  Since this is my blog I'm going to give you the bad first...

Mr. Goddard is sick and has been for months.  I've posted photos that he's been in and for the most part you wouldn't have been able to tell there was anything wrong.  That's what makes it harder.  To look at it him he seems perfectly healthy.  That's where the blessing in disguise comes in to play... in the form of a kidney stone.  It all began on January 2nd after a trip to the ER showed us he was passing a kidney stone, but led us to discover something else wasn't quite right...  It's taken us 6.5 months, a handful of doctors, a needle biopsy, countless doctor's appointment, and a surgical biopsy to finally >>FINALLY<< get our answer.  That answer comes with a lot of confusion and a lot more questions.

The answer came in the form of sarcoidosis.  If  it sounds familiar it's probably because you either have watched the show House M.D. or you might be a big fan of Bernie Mac.  What do those two have in common?  It's a diagnosis thrown around by House and his team every few episodes and it's the disease that Bernie Mac lived with.  Quick research will tell you that there is little known about this medical condition, why someone gets and how to treat it.  Even after Mr. G met with his newest specialist - a rheumatologist - he told him quite frankly that he may have questions he will be unable to answer.

What's the good?  He doesn't have cancer.  That's been thrown around since the beginning, but we're from being out of the woods.  Mr. G is starting a heavy dose of steroids for the next 8 weeks.  Not the kind that makes you buff, the kind that makes you bloated, gives him insomnia and crazy moods swings.  I guess this is what most people experience with a pregnant wife.  Lucky me.  At least there won't be a baby at the end of nine months!  It's also good that he'll have till the end of July to adjust to the medication and get that other kidney stone blasted.  The thing that started it all is still stuck inside his kidneys.  Poor guy :(

It's funny what a relief not so great news is in this situation.  It's nice to know what is after all this time and to look forward to a possible end to his pain.  We're staying focused on the treatment plan.  Already it is amazing how much his outlook has changed just in the last couple weeks.  He's so glad that he doesn't have to go and see one more doctor, who hasn't read his chart or wait another ridiculous amount of time for an appointment that still doesn't lead to answer.  We have our diagnosis now and I'm looking forward to a happier and healthier Mr. Goddard.




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