Summer Reading List

Remember when you had to read off a dreadful list of books in high school?  Even though it was your summer vacation!  Well I liked it.  I liked to read back when all my friends acted like it was the worst thing that could be asked of them.  I'd rather read a book than write a 10 page paper.  Now in the blogosphere we chat about books all the time and it's great!  Especially when I'm in a lull, my tumblr peeps always have tons of recommendations.  Did I ever say thank you?  Well thank you! These days I'm no longer lugging around a ratty old paperback (although you can't beat the real deal)... I've joined the cool kids club with my sleek tablet reader that Mr. G got me for Christmas last year.  It's so awesome that this skinny little thing is holding SIX books right now!  Six fun, mindless books that you may want to read as summer is coming to an end.  Or maybe it already has, but you just need a break from those textbooks?

I'm about to start Gone Girl, a book that is not my typical pick.  You can probably judge a book by it's cover in this case and see what I normally prefer reading.  Any suggestions for what I should read next?  Gone Girl was recommended to be on tumblr.  Once I read "the back" and it sounded like a juicy episode of Law & Order.. I was in so feel free to suggest chic lit and more!





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