My Weekend According to My iPhone

No wi-fi at work today meant all work and no play.  So I'm just now taking a break from catching up on Nashville (great by the way) to share my weekend with y'all.  Sorry, I had to.  Fall is playing hide and go seek here in Sacramento so my brilliant walk idea on Saturday turned out to be quite toasty.  I can also still feel those three and a half miles in my calves... guess that means I need to hit it a little harder at the gym!  Mr. Goddard finally made it to his first hockey game and I was glad that his SIL was able to join us and cheer along with me.  On Sunday morning I woke up in the mood to BAKE - our oven issues seem to finally be resolved and so I celebrated with my second favorite cupcake.. mint chocolate chip!  Hopefully I can post the recipe this week because they were a big hit at work.  I also went to this very cool event in Sacramento that just recently started, but I'll share more on that later.  Commercial break is over.. back to Nashville!




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