Let's Get Awesome 2013!

Wow Wordpress!  It's been a long time, you've made some changes... I'm likin' what I see gurl!

I've never been one for resolutions until a couple years ago when I went to a party where everyone wrote them out on a popsicle sticks and then tossed them into a fire at midnight.  I've thought about those resolutions often over the last two years, which is so unlike the many years of quickly forgotten resolutions.

This year, I bought little tags to clip up so Mr. Goddard and I could be reminded of them all year long.  We came home shortly after midnight, chowed down on some Taco Bell and wrote ours out.  I thought I'd share mine here in the hopes that I'm more likely to achieve them all.

  • Happier and Healthier Body Image
  • Take TGK Enterprises To The Next Level
  • Walk The Dogs OFTEN
  • Pay Down My Debt
  • Blog More!

Seeing them written out, I see that they're nothing out of the ordinary - but hey!  Aren't we always trying to be the best versions of ourselves?  I'm 30 in 2013 so now is the time to kick it into gear!  I already bought a rejuvenating face cream so this sh*t is about to get serious!




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