Win A Pizza Party!

Okay, not really... I needed to catch your attention and what better way than to wave pizza and cupcakes in your face?  Now that you're reading this I have a favor to ask you.  A BIG one.  I need you to use your precious email(s) to sign up or log in to KCRA's city voter site and VOTE for me as Sacramento's BEST local blogger. I know I haven't been the greatest of bloggers the last year, but look whose reigning in the Top 5?! 

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 8.36.00 AM.png

Glorious Treats is totally awesome, but these other yahoos??  SERIOUSLY - let's see some real local bloggers take their rightful place at the top.  I want to be up there with Pweekly, Best Friends for Frosting and Poor Girl Eats Well!  If I win and if you're local then you may just score an invite to my victory party, which will be waaaay better than your 4th grade pizza party.  Think about it.




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