Where does all my time go?  I've never considered myself a busy person.  I definitely consider myself to be social, but not one of those people who run around all the time saying they're so busy.  It seems that without my knowing it I have now become that person!  Not permanently, but life is pretty chaotic right now.  

What's been going on?  Glad you asked!

IMG_6514 copy.jpg

For one the hubs finally had surgery on his spine.  Much needed relief after two accidents that occurred last year!  He's doing well, but can't drive and has to be very careful during the healing process.  Send all your good energy his way :)

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Then we thought, let's pile on some extra stress!  Spinal surgery is kind of a big deal, but Mr. G and I decided to finally start the process of buying a house.  That makes sense right?  Big decisions should always be made while on serious painkillers!  


During all this I baked TWO HUNDRED cupcakes for my friend's wedding!  All in one evening with two Kitchen Aids, a double oven and my mad skillz.

Lastly, my new job... well thanks to my employer I've been volunteering with the California Assembly Democrats.  Who the hell would have thought?!  Certainly not me, but I'm a team player.  It even says so on my business card.  Just the one though, I don't want that getting all over the place. ;)

That basically sums up the last couple months.  I want so badly to be a better blogger because this site has always been like a mix of a scrapbook and planner for me.  Right now we've got some serious holes in my story and I'm going to my best to fix that!  

Is it too early for resolutions?  




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