Table of Love

I would consider myself a meticulous decorator.  That's why Mr. G and I didn't have anywhere to eat our Taco Bell for five months after moving into our home.  I searched locally and scoured the internet looking for my perfect table.  Eventually I gave up and had the table made by an old colleague.  That wasn't even the hard part.  Turned out that getting it through the front door was pretty damn hard!

Once I decide on something I make sure every tiny detail is considered.  This table was no exception.  Once we got it through the front door it sat unfinished for another five months.  Just like my wardrobe, I'm always thinking what do I want to live with for the next year?  The next five?  Needless to say it took me a long time to decide what the finish should be - paint, stain or both.

I decided to buy another piece of wood and several kinds of stain to find my perfect combination.  Perfecting the finish was worth every penny!  There were so many ideas already on Pinterest, but none were just right.  I'm the Goldilocks of home decor, always looking for that "just right" look and feel.  I had practically covered my test board and was about to call it quits, but my BFF made a couple suggestions and we ended up liking one combination enough to then try it on the underside of my table.  I'm not kidding you when I say, I wasn't f*cking around.

Looking at the table now I'm glad I took my time.  We get lots of compliments and I love sitting at the table, working away on my laptop.  Mr. G and I use it more than we use the office! 

I especially love having a focal point for my pretty flowers.  Until I realized that we have a million of the same kind of vases.  I went on the hunt for new lovely and unique vases that would be eye-catching to my guests.  Here are my favorites that will take your home from "mom jeans" to chic.





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