How Did We Get Here?


I have not blogged in OVER A YEAR. You’re reading this like, duh b*tch. I’m not even really a blogger anymore. Really haven’t been for years, but is anyone? I recently asked this question on my Instagram Stories:

  1. Do people blog anymore?

  2. Do people even read blogs anymore?

The results were pretty divided. 6% from an even split! So maybe blogging is so totally over? Or maybe not? I’m not here today to tell you that I had a baby and I’m becoming a mommy blogger. Even though that would thrill my husband. I am going to keep this site up though and maybe check in periodically because I DID have a baby and I’ve got a lot of shit to get off my chest. And I do like to try and share that on Instagram, but sometimes the captions are too long and its probably a bit much for the ‘gram. Instead, maybe I’ll come here to unload some of the things floating around in my head. Kind of like a journal and less like a blog I guess? I don’t know this is a work in progress…

One thing that people have shared so openly and honestly in my Instagram comments is how lonely and alienating it can be to parent. That is something that I was completely unprepared for. We’ve been at this for three months and I’m hardly ever alone. We are so fortunate to have family close by who love to help with the baby. And social media! How am I surrounded by people IRL and you can connect online all day long, but this weird feeling still creeps in. Like no one gets me! But they do. Every time I share, people are quick to hop in and say, you got this or I felt the same and it gets easier. How awesome is that?

So in all likelihood, I am writing to myself and no one else is reading this. Therefore, do I really need to think of a way to close this out? Or can I just say, I’m shutting my laptop to go eat a bowl of ice cream before the baby wakes up and this post took more brain power than I’ve used in weeks! Yeah, that sounds good. Bye!




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