Key Lime Pie Cupcakes

My understanding is that some of you out there, those who don't live in California, are experiencing this weather phenomenon called fall.  Us Californians on the other hand are still experiencing ninety degree weather.  My fellow "Basics" are sitting outside, drinking PSLs in flip flops while perusing Instagram and willing a single orange leaf to drop from the trees.  Just so we too, can snap that perfect photo.

So while you're running around in your cute new booties and sliding on those favorite leggings, I'm standing in my hot ass kitchen baking these light, summer-y cupcakes.  Please remind me of this moment six months from now when I can't wait to give "winter" the boot.



The Grasshopper Experiment

This all started with the desire to tackle the elusive hi-hat cupcake.  For those of you who are cocking your head to the side thinking, WTF, click here and then you'll be like, oooohhh.  This really didn't go as I'd planned and I'm kind of bummed about it.  I might not be the best baker in the world, but I really hate when something gets the best of me.  Like with macarons, I've only been successful ONE time and it was so much damn work that I now understand why those tiny cookies are so damn expensive!

Getting off topic... Basically what I'm telling you is that this technique is not for the novice baker and if you attempt this, do not feel defeated.  All my coworkers thought they were really cool and thought they were delicious.  I just prefer my treats to be both attractive and tasty.



This probably goes without saying, but if you attempt the hi-hat then make sure to give yourself time.  It definitely takes patience and if you're successful, please do share!  I'm always interested to hear other baker's techniques.  

Birthday Shenanigans with The Lipstick Giraffe

Funny story about myself and Kachet of The Lipstick Giraffe.  She and I were neighbors in a an amazing East Sacramento duplex a few years before Mr. Goddard and I bought our house.  After having a terrible experience with our first neighbor, she moved in and I was totally clueless as to who was living on the other side of our bedroom wall.  One night I was "effing" around on my phone and I saw a Facebook notification pop up telling me TLG was now following my blog's page.  I looked at her page and suddenly the light went on...  I rolled over to Mr. Goddard and said, ummm I think our new neighbor is another blogger!  The world is truly tiny.  I had been an Instagram fan for a short while, and she had just moved back from SF - right into my backyard.

Over the years we've swapped stories, shared how-to's and best practices, but we've never collaborated on a post.  We've been playing with ways we could blend our passions - fashion and baking - into something fun for both blogs.  

We've come up with some crazy stuff, but we never quite got our shit together.  Life always seemed to get in the way and let's face it, I'm a terrible blogger.  Then a couple weeks ago she asked me to help her make cupcakes for her upcoming birthday.  Ummm YEAH!  Right up my alley!  

We spent the better part of last Sunday in my kitchen, drinking champagne and baking semi-homemade cupcakes.  It was a blast to share something that I enjoy so much, but normally do solo.  

Once the cupcakes were done things became a blur of activity.  One blog post can take me forever.  I'm talking baking, decorating, styling, photographing, editing and THEN finally drafting a post.  Can you even imagine what it was like with two creatives, two iPhones and three cameras?!  We couldn't stop snapping photos and we were shooting each other in action.  If you're curious about these yummy peach cupcakes with a hint of almond - we both love almond - then you need to take a look at TLG today.  Make sure to wish Kachet a happy-almost birthday!




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