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Girl Crush: Carrie Underwood, CMT Music Awards

This girl's body is phenomenal and lucky her, always wearing the most stunning dresses!  Last night on the awards show was no exception.  She always sparkles, no matter the dress. [youtube]

And congratulations to her on winning video of the year.  I don't know how they determine these things, but her 15+ outfit changes throughout just doubled my girl crush.  I love everything she wears.

Well maybe not this, but she can't be perfect all the time.  Even stylists make mistakes.

Mr. & Mrs. O

[youtube=] My sister just emailed me this video because she knows I love a good Obama story.  I mean these two could not be anymore charming!

I Wanna Go My initial thoughts are that a) her eyes look a little bloodshot b) is the cop one of her dancers on tour with her right now c) those boots are atrocious and d) am I supposed to know who that Mo guy is?  Other than that - LOVE it!  {Well other than that milk scene, what was that about?} Britney looks amazing and I would know.  I was just at her dress rehearsal here in Sacramento last week before she kicked off her tour.  My roommate Kaila and I were right up against the stage while she performed for an hour and a half.  So close we could almost touch her.  Aaamazing!




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