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My Weekend According To My iPhone

I've been left to my own devices over the weekend while Mr. Goddard has been galavanting around Southern California with belly dancers.  (That story later) So I've been here working my fanny off for my mama, catering in an empty building on the 12th floor (kinda cool) and at a Catholic school (ooh the memories).  This weekend was made for mindless tv watching, lots of sleeping in and dishes.  Tons and tons of dirty dishes. How did you spend your weekend?

Creative Juices Are Flowing...

I'm not sure what the designer's equivalent of writer's block is, but whatever you'd call it - mine has been lifted!  In the last few weeks my Etsy shop is blossoming.  I am inspire by so many things, pinterest (obviously), the magazines I read, and often in nature itself.  Design and interesting layouts are everywhere you look and after my eye exam last month...  I'm seeing it all clearly again. ;)  If you're a hostess with the mostess then take a peek at my shop before your next event!

{GPOYW} 8.29.12

GPOYW:  Dad + Sisters Edition Monterey, CA

One photo is just never enough.





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