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{Feel Good Friday} Next to Me

images-1[audio] Emeli Sande - Next to Me

My sister just turned me on to this song because it reminded her of the song I gave her at Christmas by Rebecca Ferguson.  I listened to the little clip on iTunes and immediately forked over my hard earned $1.29. Hit play up top, I promise you won't regret it!

{Feel Good Friday} Ho Hey

Hey Ho - The Lumineers [audio]

My girl friend Diana introduced me to this band about a month ago.  Being main stream music kinda girls she was excited to have "discovered" this relatively new group and since then they really seem to have exploded.  I heard them on a television show and their CD is currently being sold at Starbucks.  Can't be any more legit than that!  So check out this song, one of my favorites :)


For you visual people...

{Feel Good Friday} Marry You

Marry You - Bruno Mars [audio]

I know I've been M.I.A and I know I've been breaking my promises to be a better blogger, but I've been busy people!  I had to make it a point though to share this fun song with all of you.  I'm sure by now all of you have heard it, especially after Glee covered it last season.  This song is in honor of a very awesome guy and his equally fun bride-to-be.  My fallback husband is getting married tomorrow to his real life fiancé.  And I am SO excited!  Although, if I'm still single at 55 I guess there won't be any hope for Charlie and I, but maybe Ashlynn will let me move into the pool house or something... ;)

When they'd just got engaged!

My betrothed sitting to my left, being bashful.

Congratulations you two!  Can't wait for the wedding of the century!!




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