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One Lucky B!*ch

Recently I attended the Grand Opening of Sacramento’s FIRST Drybar. Add it to the list of things upping Sacramento’s cool factor. 

Aren’t these gift cards amazing!? Captures the Drybar vibe. 

Aren’t these gift cards amazing!? Captures the Drybar vibe. 


Drybar focuses on one thing…a great blowout. The location has a great fun/loud vibe - very helpful for someone like myself who lacks an inside voice. I hate when I get my hair done and I either have to sit silently for three hours or share my life story with everyone in the salon.  Not here!

"Drybar focuses on one thing... a great blowout.


The Sacramento location has 10 stations and does about 90 clients a day. A service usually lasts around 40 minutes. Mine was a full two hours. Those with a ton of thick hair be prepared, the crew here are consummate professionals and your blowout may take longer. 

Drybar has a lookbook that offers various styles from the Southern Comfort - think big curls, to the Mai Tai - beachy waves, and more. {Check them all out here.}  I naturally went for the Mai Tai. Everyone knows how I love my curls. I highly recommend adding a floater to your service. It gives a full 10-minute head massage while your hair is being washed, and it is PURE heaven. 


I felt like my service took a bit long, but I'm hopeful that as the new staff acclimate to the process, my next blowout will be much shorter.  Having horse hair also adds time! 

It takes a lot to keep my hair looking good!

It takes a lot to keep my hair looking good!

3 B*tches + A Moving Truck



I know that this will probably come as a shock to most of you, but I've never hosted a yard sale before. / gasp I don't know why exactly.. Maybe it's the effort it takes or my slight hoarder tendencies or it's just easier to donate to Goodwill?  It seems this is a year of firsts.  As I mentioned before, I'm officially living in sin for the very first.  And as relationships go, living together is also about compromise.  Yes, I will get rid of my pink floral bedding.  No I will never keep the tupperware that organized.  I guess it would be more appropriate to call this a yard sale for the sake of relationship harmony.

If you're in the greater Sacramento area check out my Craigslist ad by clicking the photo above.  If you're a veteran yard saler, please leave me any helpful tips.  I want to get rid of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

Just Enjoy The Show


Not to get you all confused with the various awesome things that I'm competing in...  For one the KCRA A-List is still going on.  If you haven't already voted for me, you still have another 39 days to do so.  This post though is to inform you of the upcoming Sacramento's Chef Challenge.  This year there will be a battle of cupcake, pros versus amateurs on June 23rd in Sacramento.  Additional details here.

My sister and I have worked tirelessly on this video for the last couple months.  Doing our best to make me stand out amongst the other amateur bakers in Sacramento.  All it took was one Saturday of baking, 980 photographs, and one week of time dedicated to iMovie.  This 4 minute and 58 second video is my entry for a chance to compete at this year's Cake War being hosted by When the videos are live and it comes time to vote I'll be sure to let you know!




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