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Don’t ask me why, but we wrote resolutions on Popsicle sticks and then burned them.

My NYE kiss.

Kinda looks like I’m grabbing own boob due to our ridiculous matching looks. Not planned. I swear.

{Top 10 of 2010}

  1. Barely ten minutes in to 2010 Kaila and I had the drunken pleasure of making a new friend in Amber Lee.  One of those priceless stories where drunken strangers unite over tears, single life and discovering we’re all from Sacramento! Amber has introduced us to so many great people and new experiences.  Cheers to our one year anniversary!
  2. My first ever spa day!  In leu of a traditional bachelorette night Diana planned a spa day in El Dorado Hills with her nearest and dearest.  I seriously felt like a celebrity with our three treatments and lunch on their beautiful patio.  I could seriously get used to that. 
  3. Malia’s wedding.  Another first!  It was such a wonderful surprise to be asked to be a part of her big day.  She worked her butt off and it showed!  Everything about her backyard wedding screamed shabby chic :)  If you don’t believe it then check our her magazine spread… Yeah that’s right, a MAGAZINE!  
  4. Caitlin’s graduation in Seattle.  Having the whole family together {plus adopted sister} outside of Sacramento.  Lots of good food, shopping and sights!
  5. Our temporary summer bungalow in East Sac.  For a good chunk of the summer Kaila and I “housesat”.  Sweetest deal ever.  We watered their plants, drank their wine and lounged in their beautiful pool.  Next year you guys?
  6. San Francisco.  For so many reasons… A big part of that would be my memories with the Woo sisters.  It all started with an elaborate story about, divorce, remarriage and how three white girls had two Asian sisters.  I’ll have to explain that sometime, but I love Kelly, Kendall, and Kaila. Woooooo!!
  7. Driving down to LA on a second date for the LA Times Food and Wine event.  I wouldn’t really say I’m a spontaneous person, but it just all kind of fell in to place… Three days after our first date he picked me up bright and early in SF and we drove 6+ hours down to LA.  He even took the PCH so I could have a pretty view. *swoon*
  8. Being asked by my long time bestie a.k.a Wifey to be her maid of honor.  I cried. Completely out of character for me. I was so, so pleased to not only be a part of her day, but to be her go to girl for all her wedding needs.
  9. Mik and Blair’s birthday.  I had such a great time helping my friends Teresa and Sara plan a huge party for their boyfriends.  I love to host and toast, but this time Wifey and I were behind the curtains helping them make it all happen.  It was so fun!
  10. 28 is going to be my year.  I can feel it ;) Maybe it was the two three birthday celebrations or the copious amounts of wine, but we’re off to a good start!



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