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It was nice to mellow out afterwards with a couple of vodka collins courtesy of my mother. Diana and Mike brought wine and cheesy artichoke dip as a thank you to my parents. Drinks and fun conversation took up the rest of the afternoon.

I particularly like my parents sharing their own silly engagement…to the alter story.  It was anything, but traditional!

I really hate...

when people ask “How are you?” on the phone and then just continue on with their conversation.  Don’t be “polite” and ask if you’re not even going to pause long enough for me to answer or talk right over my response.  I’d really just rather you not ask me at all because you’re a stranger on the phone and this is just business.  If we were friends you’d know how I was doing.  Or you’d care enough to listen to the answer to YOUR question.

So no, I don’t think you’re mama got it quite right with you on the whole manners things.  And I think you suck.

The average person lies 3 times within a 10 minute conversation.




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